Catalogue. 25th International Biennial of Graphic Art, 2003, Ljubljana: International Centre of Graphic Arts, p. 176.

"I started the Antinomian Press due to my unhappiness with representation in the gallery sytem. I ws also interested in artists taking greater control in the understanding of their work through curatorial and publishing activities. The English antinomians were famous for fighting against a centralized ecclesiastical government. They argued for an extension of the right to vote, individual freedoms, and tolerance in mid-17th century England. Because of the collapse of censorship during this period, they were also vociferous pampleteers and thus spoke for the ideas and antics of England's poorer population. For myself, the Antinomian Press is an agency set up to distribute small publications in support of project work. I have used it for the publication of exhibition catalogues about project work, to let people know about my own projects, and present projects by others" [BK] All books, catalogues, and brochures are presented on one of Allen Ruppersberg's platforms at the CanKarjev dom.