Anon., News and Comment, in The Book Collector, Winter 1999, p. 585.

There is only one first catalogue, but a very accomplished one, 'Gastronomy' from Ben Kinmont, P.O. Box 2007, Church St. Station, New York, N.Y. 1008-2007, tel. 917 690 4326, fax 212 964 9367, e-mail: This begins with the first edition of The Accomplish'd Housewife 1736, confidently described as 'the better of two known copies', the other being at Columbia University Teacher's College. There too is Cotta's Trenchier-Buch 1766, Brillat-Savarin Physiologie du Gout 1826, uncut and the Abbey copy of Bruyerin De Re Cibaria 1560 in a contemporary German blind-stamped tawed hide. Even these pale before the clou of the catalogue, the C.S. Ascherson-André Simon copy of the first printed cookery book, Platina De Honesta Voluptate 1498, with the first printed book on salad, Massonio Archidipno, overo dell' Insalata 1627 and the primary tract on spices, Ramingen Von den Aromaten und wolschmäckenden, ganzkrefftigen, und hailsamen Speceryen 1580. There were early editions of the two great cookery books of the eighteenth century, Menon La Cuisinière Bourgeoise 1756 and Raffald The Experienced English Housekeeper 1771, with Petronio Del Viver delli Romani 1592, and an uncut copy of Parmentier Le Parfait Boulanger 1778. A wide range of American books included the first by an African American, Roberts The House Servant's Directory 1827, and there was also a charming set of twenty-four little volumes of the Bibliothèque La Maitresse de la Maison 1852. This was no beginner's collection, but one that must have been long maturing. We shall look forward to a second Kinmont catalogue.