“Hard Core,” in Pacemaker, no. 4, Paris, 2004.

HARD CORE COZY AND WARM STATE OF MIND ORGANIC ALL NATURAL LEMONADE ESPRESSO MATE TEA CHAI SOY MILK APPLE CIDER SMOOTHIES where they arrived by acciden, on the way to an apple festival. 1970s Black Sabbath amplifiers the vacuum tubes that made them great young post-hipster-rave-goth friends and a car pulling up for a chai soy smiles over an octopus. The ubiquitous hand-knit rasta hat lovely lovely redyellowgreenblack had a quick room to rent but did Tom York's eyes ever open? John Wesley Harding Ziggy Stardust Blackalicious all there glimmer summer Christmas lights over the bamboo garden walls. My favorite ar the rainbow hand-dipped candles over post-hippy doughnuts (half price if they have a hole) and you always want to stay, understand how these third generation electro-kids share their caffeine-high with Jerry's kids, generations of back-to-nature intellectuals los th the redwoods, having babies in tree-houses, collecing in this eddy of NorCal delicious delectable. WHY IS EVERYBODY HERE?

Ben Kinmont
5am-6pm weekdays / 6am-7pm weekends / Hard Core, Highway 116 at Bloomfield Rd, Sebastopol, Ca., 95472. USA. T.: 707 824-4805.