Hoffberg, Judith, Umbrella, (October, 1997), vol. 20, no. 3/4, p. 92.

Promised Relations: or, thoughts concerning a few artists' contracts by Ben Kinmont (n.p., Antinomian Press, 1996. $5.00) begins with a quote by Rousseau from On the Social Contract (1762). In the short preface, Kinmont says he is dealing with a variety of uses of the artist's contract, "more interesting in their eccentricity that in their representation of a particular genre." First there is Yves Klein's contract as a performance in 1960; Ed Kienholz's Concept Tableaux, in which the Contract for purchase becomes an "instruction drawing" and an alternative economy: a note on verbal contracts; Marcel Broodthaers' contract to save a Museum (his Musee d'Art Moderne) from bankruptcy; Seth Siegelaub & Bob Projansky's contract as an artist's bill of rights; Komar & Melamid's contract as a Faustian sculpture; Paula Hayes/Wild Friends business relaitons with Ac Project Room. The author has included the "micro-economy of this catalog and its exhibition" with a breakdown of the costs. This is a must for all collections of contemporary art work.