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Carl Andre killed his wife.   list next>>

They were both abusive to themselves, and he had spent so much time talking about accessible work. And, then, there was the issue of the family, as artists and if it was possible.*

Olivier Mosset first bought this piece; but then, when Carl Andre gave money to Julian Pretto to help him during the last months of his life, Olivier wanted to trade the piece. He had also become friends with Carl in the meantime. I, too, was interested in how the piece meant to me now, having heard about Carl's support of Julian. So the piece grew into new questions.

1988 plastic letters on a wall. 1995 notes added concerning piece's return and trade. Project cannot be repeated.

*In 1988 Carl Andre was acquitted.  

Carl Andre killed his wife, 1988

Platic letters on a wall

2 x 49 x 1/4 in.