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I am very interested in the possibilites and limitations of helping others in an art practice. When moving outside of the gallery or museum and into a public realm where value structures and needs differ, artists attempt to address an urgent need to broaden the cultural discourse by incorporating an exchange of values and information not usually included in the art discourse. This decentralization away from the art world is often accompanied bya (sometimes utopian) desire to help the situation of others in a way that is not being addressed by art institions.

In the Digger Dug (part one) I will speak with various professional social workers and activists to ascertain the possibilites and limitations of helping as an art practice. The beginnings of this project’s archive will be on display for visitors to handle and to make reproductions of with the use of a photocopy machine. As the project is ongoing, notes, photographs, and various materials will continue to be added during the course of the exhibition and well after.

As supplementary information to the archives in general, the Antinomian Press will publish the archives’ contracts for ownership and exhibition. These documents explain how the archives function as objects.

Archive begun 2004.

Digger Dug (part one)

Air de Paris, 2005