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Anyone coming into agnes b. could trade the shirt off their back for any shirt in the store. Most who I approached thought I was a nuisance
and looked to the staff for assistance; when it became clear that I was in earnest, they smiled and quickly found a shirt for themselves. Once the shirt was chosen, the participant and I signed a new label printed with the project's title. Then, I removed the store's label and price tag, and sewed our co-signed label onto the new shirt. Next I sewed the store's label and price tag onto the old shirt and then hung it onto the store's racks, as a new agnes b. shirt for sale. While this was going on, participants used the video camera to document the exchange. By the end, half of the people coming in were there by word of mouth. The number of shirts given was determined by how long it took me do the seam-ripping and sewing.

Archive begun 1995. agnes b. pour hommes, New York City, for three days. The store’s seamstress and twenty customers participated. Twenty shirts worth $2,934.00 given. Project can be repeated.* Archive in the collection of the artist.

*Project was repeated in Ljubjana at the store Cliché.  

Exchange, Agnes B., 1995

Exchange, Cliché, 2000