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Barnaba was the one who responded. When arriving at his home one day later, his wife asked if I would wash the upper bank of windows in their home, she being too frightened to climb up that high. I agreed, then three days later cast an object in an edition of two: "arte forse amico" and "art perhaps friend." Barnaba put his on a bookshelf. The other was left at the point where I met him in Campo Santa Margherita. It lasted for ten minutes, until two young boys, amazed that it was not attached to the cobblestones, broke it and ran off with the parts. By the next day, a small child had drawn a multi-pointed star with a chip left behind; then, that evening a rain storm washed everything away.

Begun 1995. Residential sections of Venice. 580 catalytic texts given in one hour on the street. Project can be repeated. Archive in the collection of the artist.

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The example left on the ground where Kinmont met Barnaba


18 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 2 in.

Handing out flyers on the street

Video still of Barnaba (right) showing his sculpture to an art historian friend