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My biggest was the feeling of giving away four years of paintings. Only my collectors knew where but anybody passing by could have one. During the distribution, we re-authored each painting, putting our signatures to their backs. When talking with the participants one year later, each had a different story to tell about what had happened.

Archive begun 1993. Wall St. and Broadway and in Sandra Gering Gallery. 23 paintings offered. 21 given away. 8 went to strangers who happened to be passing by. 13 went to previous collectors. Only one of the collectors has continued to purchase work. The two paintings left unclaimed went into the archive. Project cannot be repeated. Archive in the Jedermann Collection, N.A.

Also see catalytic text.

Reciprocity Painting #11, 1991,

Detail of signatures by Kinmont and participant, 1993

9/9/93 Broadway & Wall St., NYC

Ben Kinmont with Denise Felix

9/11/93 Opening Night 5-8:30 pm

Participant cosigning at Sandra Gering Gallery