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Ich werde Ihr schmutziges Geschirr waschen, I will wash your dirty dishes. <<prev list next>>

On the street, talking with people to discuss the dilemma of the artist as visionary, and see if people would invite a stranger into their homes. The test was also to myself, a sort of the flip to "Waffles for an opening." Usually women invited me home, to talk about absent husbands and boyfriends, or to help with chores and children and have some adult conversation during the day. Always, though, the hardest was to say goodbye, us exchanging addresses for some future remembrance.

Archive begun 1994. Munich: Marienplatz (unterfussgang), Parieserplatz and Lindwurmstrasse, Kapuzinerstrasse and Arbeitstrasse, Theresienstrasse and Barerstrasse, Leopoldstrasse and Franz-Joseph-Strasse. Five hours and forty-one minutes spent on the street. 1150 catalytic texts given. Eleven strangers’ homes visited. Twenty-two hours and thirty minutes spent in these homes. Each participant received a sponge, printed with the project's title and signed by myself and the participant. The project can be repeated. Archive in the collection of the artist.

Also see catalytic text.

Barbara Schlegel displaying the sponge she and Kinmont used and then signed during her participation

Archive detail

Kinmont washing dishes in a participant's home, May 1994