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While on the street, their time was to describe the space in between; their trust was to give me their signature and a means of contacting them. I fulfilled my promise by giving them the proceeds of the archive's sale. One participant put the check in a frame whereas another, who was living in a shelter at the time but had since moved on, never received his mail.

Archive begun 1992. 96th and Broadway, 16th and Eighth Avenue, and Murray and Broadway. Four hours and forty-one minutes on the street. 750 catalytic texts given. Fifty-eight people stopped and spoke with me. Sixteen gave me their signatures and addresses, each being mailed a $40.00 check one year later. Project cannot be repeated. Archive in the Caroline Bourgeois Collection.

Also see catalytic text.

I need you, 1992

Kinmont with participant at Murray & Broadway, NYC