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The Materialization of Life into alternative economies <<prev list next>>

A curated project with different people, this time from the art world, showing different notions of economy and distribution: Paula Hayes/Wild Friends for collaborative economy, Joseph Grigely for information economy, On Kawara for gift economy, Gordon Matta-Clark for business economy, and Mierle Laderman Ukeles for maintenance economy. My reasons were to offer another reading of Lippard's idea of conceptual art as a dematerialization of the art object and, instead, suggest that perhaps, for some, it was actually not so much about the art object but about life, about a materialization of life.

1996. Printed Matter Bookstore, NY. Paula gave away seed packets entitled “CATS DIG GRASS;” Carol Goodden (Gordon’s collaborator) provided recipes from the restaurant Food, which we gave away photocopies of; and Mierle gave away copies of her Maintenance Manifesto from 1969. No archive. Exhibition can be repeated.*

*Exhibition was recreated in Ljubjana for the Moderna galerija/Museum of Modern Art during the exhibition “Worthless/Invaluable” curated by Carlos Basualdo.

Also see catalytic text.

Exhibited as part of Worthless (Invaluable), Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2002

On Kawara's Telegrams

Presented at Printed Matter, 12 April - 11 May 1996

Photographs by Mierle Laderman Ukeles

Presented at Printed Matter, 12 April - 11 May 1996

Paula Hayes - Translucent Image Advertisement for Wild Friends


Presented at Printed Matter, 12 April - 11 May 1996