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On Saturday, March 5th, Ben Kinmont and the Antinomian Press will be conducting a public publishing project from a van in front of the Louvre. This one-day publishing event will produce a small book concerning the work of Christopher D'Arcangelo, an American artist who was active primarily in New York and Los Angeles, 1974-79. D'Arcangelo's activities were focused on ideas of anarchy and how to function as an artist in a capitalistic economy. His work included construction projects in private homes (in collaboration with Peter Nadin) as well as actions within and against museums, whic occured in the Whitney, the Guggenheim, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Louvre inside which Chris had one of his anarchy actions on 9 March 1978.

Kinmont and the Antinomian Press will be gathering together selected ephemera from D'Arcangelo's work as well as printing two interviews with his collaborator Peter Nadin and D'Arcangelo's father, Allen. The publication will be distributed for free on the street to passersby.

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Project Series Chris D'Arcangelo Distribution

March 5, 2005, Paris