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Your philanthropy is our sculpture. Being invited to participate in a group show that had to occur within SoHo, I pointed out the efforts of six community health organizations that maintained SoHo addresses. For six days some friends and I sat at tables in the Gramercy Hotel Art Fair, the New Museum, Lucky Strike Restaurant, and Our Blessed Lady of Pompeii street fair. The organizer of the street fair understood the project better than anyone else and offered us a table gratis next to the Mayor's Office and the Church's Senior Citizens Club. It worked best in this context.

Archive begun 1995. Friends in Deed, Housing Works, Children's Hope Foundation, Gilda's Club, God's Love We Deliver, and the SoHo Partnership participated. 3200 flyers and brochures given. Project can be repeated. Archive in the collection of the artist.

Also see catalytic text.

Somebody's SoHo, 1995