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The Third Sculpture, or thoughts concerning spaces in between. <<prev list next>>

An unrealized exhibition project. The work was mostly interactive and ephemeral and concerned with value and participation. It was also simply an accumulation of works by others which were important to me in my thoughts concerning the third sculpture, an idea which I had devised in 1988 to describe my own work out on the street and in stranger’s homes. The catalogue was to be made by visitors to the exhibition through their access to the exhibition’s archive and a photocopy machine.

Begun 1997. The exhibition was solicited by Independent Curators Incorporated, New York City. Work spanned 1960 to 1997 and was by Yvette Brackman, Stanley Brouwn, Lygia Clark, Chris D’Arcangelo, Joseph Grigely, Paula Hayes, Lee Lozano, Joe Scanlon, Lincoln Tobier, Jeffrey Schultz, and Ian Wilson. At the invitation of Christophe Cherix, the exhibition was finally presented in published form in the French magazine “Documents sur l’art,” no. 12, 2000.


Joseph Grigely

Jenny S. Detroit, Michigan, 1996


From The Third Sculpture

Ian Wilson

Venderi 30 Marzo, Jan Wilson discutera... 1973

Offset Print on cardstock

From The Third Sculpture