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Vietnam War Ads; or, your bibliography is our sculpture. <<prev list next>>

When doing research for the Materialization of Life show, I came across an advertisement in Art-Rite Magazine by Carl Andre, Lucy Lippard, and others which read: “Congratulations to the people of Viet Nam.” It fascinated me and I found others like it dating from 1965-1975 which I then re-ran as an exhibition in magazines and periodicals. A T-shirt was created as exhibition catalogue with the ads’ original and new bibliography printed in missile-red.

Project begun 1997. Exhibited in Swedish magazines and periodicals as an exhibition within an exhibition by Carlos Basualdo entitled “Insertions” and at various museums in Stockholm, 1998. Project can be repeated.  

Installation at the Nordic Museum as part of the exhibition Insertions curated by Carlos Basualdo

Bykert Gallery [Klaus Kertéss, director]


Originally appeared in Avalanche Magazine, No.1, Fall 1970, facing the contents page.

Re-presented in siksi magazine, Vol. XIII, No.1, Spring 1998, p. 88.